To become alive again.

Last January, we visited one of the famous beaches/places near Manila. It’s our second time there.

Before we had this trip, I am at the point in my life where I do not know where I truly belong. I do not know what my real purpose here. I do not know if I am depressed. I am confused if I am really happy or not. The sense of fulfillment is just not there. The fire that drives me before, has already been defusing.

I am at the point of getting tired of my job every single day, being frustrated with myself because i should be successful by now. It’s like I’m a prisoner of my own self, of my own expectations.

As we sat down and hanged by the beach, there’s this involuntary activity of your mind that makes you think of a lot of things. To think of a lot of “What ifs”.

A thought of, “What if I stay here for good?”, “Am I able to sustain my needs?”, “what if I was born here?”, Or “What if I don’t go back to work and stay in this vacation forever?”.


But I don’t know what is with this place. It keeps me sane. Keeps me on the ground. This place gives me peace. Well, it is known for its night life during weekends but good thing we went there on weekdays. I’m not really a party peep.

As the sun sets, it had helped me realize to be thankful i have this life. I am still blessed with food in my mouth and shirt on my back.

The sunset also reminded me that tomorrow is another day, another life, another chance to live, another chance to breathe again.

Good morning with the moon!

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